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BitStamp Wallet Now Officially "Hacked" |

» 9 Infamous Bitcoin Addresses
Jercos 10,000 bitcoin pizza transaction Genesis address Largest bitcoin transaction ever Bitstamp hacked

Bitstamp Hack
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Bitcoin TA, News and Predictions
Providing Bitcoin predictions for a highly volatile market. Don't get left behind without some technical analysis.

Address linked to mtGox's hack sent coins to Bitstamp's hack address! : Bitcoin
How did the address linked to [mtGox's hack]( send coins to the address linked to [Bitstamp's...

bitstamp 18,000 bitcoins stolen? -confirmed;all
bitstamp 18,000 bitcoins stolen? -confirmed

The Bitcoin Game #8 - Danno Ferrin, Bitstamp & Visualization | Lets Talk Bitcoin
Welcome to The Bitcoin Game, I'm Rob Mitchell. Danno Ferrin's current day job is working on Java for the Oracle Corporation. But for fun, Danno uses his programming skills to create visualization software for the BItcoin blockchain. In the wake of the large Bitstamp theft, Danno has been able to analyze some of the Bitcoin movements, using his software. Danno might be one of the most knowledgeable people about the loss, other than insiders like Bitstamp employees and the actual hacker (I ha...

Bitcoin Value Plunges Following $5M Bitstamp Heist - Securelist
The new year has started rather badly for the Bitcoin world.

Ross Ulbricht admits he created Silk Road but claims he's not Dread Pirate Roberts - Shroomery News Service - Shroomery Message Board
I wonder if lucydrop/chemist was laying the WoW or buying laid sheets that were 89ug just like the WoW you had tested?

Bitstamp operational wallets compromised – The Merkle

My speculation: It's a white-hat "hacker". : Bitcoin
I think the bitcoins are stolen by a hacker (not a cracker). Why? Because he moves them to 1 address, does not brag or post any demands and it's...

European Exchange Bitstamp Lost Over 18,000 Bitcoins in Hack
Well known Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp lost over 18,000 Bitcoins in hack, which represents 12% of the total Bitcoins in possession of the company.

Bears are in the same team with the bitstamp thefts;all
Bears are in the same team with the bitstamp thefts

Visualizing the transactions behind the $31m Tether hack
By following the transaction flows through the bitcoin blockchain, the analysis lays out a timeline of the events leading up to and following the attack. It also manages to link the attacker to:

Bitstamp is apparently broken or hacked. I suggest not depositing coins there till they respond. : Bitcoin
[tl;dr] DON'T SEND BTC TO OLD BITSTAMP DEPOSIT ADDRESSES. New deposit addresses are fine. Up to 19,000 BTC were stolen. Bitstamp was suspended...

九大比特币著名地址 | 巴比特
1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa 该地址属于比特币创始人中本聪  , 是比特币的创世地址,地址内的比特币从未移动过,其中的50币因为技术上的设计原因也无法进行移动。 共收到的比特币:65.44021956 BTC…

Top 50 Bitcoin Donation Address Rankings | Bitcoin Who's Who Blog

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2016-06-01 23:16:12 - Bitstamp: Less than 19,000 BTC lost !!!
Author: redsn0w

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