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Balance of wallet:


bitcoin logo 150.3657539 BTC


Bitcoin Cash logo 150.3657539 BCH


Bitcoin Gold logo 0.07265812 BTG


Bitcoin SV logo 0.37359916 BSV

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warning Comment:

The wallet contains a Segwit address. It means that someone imported the second private key. I know three versions of this file. One file have passphrase 12aVP18cd5XsbcGQy8u6eywQ6UuA6Q319s.

description Description:

The password consists of digits, symbols, and Latin letters.

mined coins Some coins mined in the early years and have coinbase sources.

Wallet 150.365BTC contains 3+ Bitcoin addresses. Some information about the owner, you can gather on news, youtube, forums, chats, search engines, etc.

Check mentions on the CheckBitcoinAddress site:

Support and Guaranties

Bitcoin Core wallet.dat file with a lost or forgotten password. With some luck and skills you may recover lost password and would be able to access the coins.
We guarantee balance in the wallet. Otherwise, we will give you money back till 48h!

We will help you with links and information on how does it work but only you can resolve this quest.

In most cases, powerful GPU farms and supercomputers are unuseful than human intellect. Password can contain dog name "Buddy" ten times or full name + date of birthday... Strong human passwords usually long and simple. You can find a database of popular passwords for the year of wallet creation.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions [email protected] (Boyarov Maksim).

Try & Enjoy!
Good Luck!

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