Address to PubKey

Converts Bitcoin address to a public key

Converts a Bitcoin address to a public key

Finally, there is no algorithm for converting an address into a public key, because this is the reverse process. The address is obtained from the public key by hashing. We get it from transfer transaction signatures on the blockchain.
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For example, address: 1GYLfNfMesF3YrwVU94P5wtcJjhAx9DLYy
PubKey is 02ef043a2586e78528ed0eeff43ba96bbd409a9c5f773c7cf50a76d00dee2d6bad

"inputs": [
      "coinbase": false,
      "txid": "0e4a7aa89b5cf53f27c794ff14606b3ecc3c01ed106e6010d15a8be98db70808",
      "output": 1,
      "sigscript": "483045022033806a6aca428760abd40788732bfe480e8ece501b64baafb14
      "sequence": 4294967295,
      "pkscript": "76a914aa7731baf40a8c9344a8f21f038440df6936dc3788ac",
      "value": 52600000000,
      "address": "1GYLfNfMesF3YrwVU94P5wtcJjhAx9DLYy",
      "witness": []