wallet.dat with balance

All these Bitcoin Core wallet.dat files with lost passwords. Try to brute force and get a bounty in Bitcoins (sometimes in Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, or Bitcoin Gold too).
We guarantee balance on wallets. Otherwise, we will give you money back!

bitcoin core wallet.dat image

Some wallets were pre-mined coins in 2010-2011. People call it Satoshi's Treasure. It was a time when Bitcoin cost nothing and you can mine it for free on your lazy laptop with miners reward 50 BTC for a block.

Each wallet can consist of several Bitcoin addresses. Some coins have been forked and have value. We show four main cryptocurrencies but you can check other forks and get more profit.

BTC balance:$91,743,513.27 USD
+ Altcoins:$4,268,704.09 USD
NEWrare walletask me for secret hintdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 1,05 BTC
BTC balance:$5,284,341.21 USD
+ Altcoins:$245,873.19 USD
rare walletask me for secret hintdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.6048 BTC
BTC balance:$3,119,289.32 USD
+ Altcoins:$78,645.86 USD
rare walletdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.357 BTC
BTC balance:$1,816,557.36 USD
+ Altcoins:$45,800.29 USD
Price: 0.2079 BTC
BTC balance:$1,630,678.07 USD
+ Altcoins:$75,873.23 USD
Price: 0.186585 BTC
BTC balance:$1,550,465.23 USD
+ Altcoins:$72,141.03 USD
Price: 0.17745 BTC
BTC balance:$1,466,944.53 USD
+ Altcoins:$0.00 USD
rare walletdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.168 BTC
BTC balance:$1,379,508.05 USD
+ Altcoins:$34,798.00 USD
mined coinsdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.1575 BTC
BTC balance:$1,207,620.83 USD
+ Altcoins:$30,447.36 USD
mined coinsdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.13755 BTC
BTC balance:$991,380.26 USD
+ Altcoins:$46,127.57 USD
Price: 0.1134 BTC
BTC balance:$986,302.26 USD
+ Altcoins:$0.00 USD
rare walletdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.11235 BTC
BTC balance:$688,079.31 USD
+ Altcoins:$18,018.08 USD
rare walletmined coinsask me for secret hintdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.07875 BTC
BTC balance:$633,949.36 USD
+ Altcoins:$29,022.61 USD
Price: 0.07245 BTC
BTC balance:$458,167.04 USD
+ Altcoins:$11,997.59 USD
rare walletdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.0525 BTC
BTC balance:$431,194.45 USD
+ Altcoins:$11,291.28 USD
rare walletdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.04935 BTC
BTC balance:$288,861.02 USD
+ Altcoins:$13,440.31 USD
Price: 0.03255 BTC
BTC balance:$284,496.59 USD
+ Altcoins:$13,237.24 USD
Price: 0.03255 BTC
BTC balance:$284,321.92 USD
+ Altcoins:$13,229.11 USD
Price: 0.03255 BTC
BTC balance:$259,927.01 USD
+ Altcoins:$12,094.05 USD
Price: 0.0294 BTC
BTC balance:$259,894.89 USD
+ Altcoins:$12,092.56 USD
rare walletdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.029715 BTC
BTC balance:$248,052.19 USD
+ Altcoins:$11,541.53 USD
Price: 0.02835 BTC
BTC balance:$242,749.12 USD
+ Altcoins:$11,294.79 USD
rare walletdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.0277725 BTC
BTC balance:$238,529.43 USD
+ Altcoins:$11,098.45 USD
Price: 0.0272895 BTC
BTC balance:$209,633.90 USD
+ Altcoins:$4,445.69 USD
rare walletdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.0239925 BTC
BTC balance:$146,697.86 USD
+ Altcoins:$0.02 USD
Price: 0.0168 BTC
BTC balance:$129,266.59 USD
+ Altcoins:$3,384.98 USD
rare walletmined coinsdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.0147 BTC
BTC balance:$103,771.42 USD
+ Altcoins:$4,828.34 USD
Price: 0.011865 BTC
BTC balance:$77,983.06 USD
+ Altcoins:$0.03 USD
Price: 0.0105 BTC
BTC balance:$46,379.81 USD
+ Altcoins:$10,804.06 USD
rare walletdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.0105 BTC
BTC balance:$46,188.11 USD
+ Altcoins:$2,149.07 USD
NEWrare walletdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.0105 BTC
BTC balance:$20,237.70 USD
+ Altcoins:$941.63 USD
rare walletdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.0105 BTC
BTC balance:$9,968.47 USD
+ Altcoins:$463.82 USD
rare walletask me for secret hintdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.0105 BTC
BTC balance:$9,675.36 USD
+ Altcoins:$426.87 USD
Price: 0.0105 BTC
BTC balance:$301.53 USD
+ Altcoins:$14.03 USD
rare walletdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.00525 BTC
BTC balance:$129.76 USD
+ Altcoins:$5.81 USD
rare walletask me for secret hintdescriptionscreenshots
Price: 0.00525 BTC

Useful links:

Import wallet.dat into a Bitcoin-Qt client to verify current balances and transactions.
hashcat.net - software for bruteforce using CPU, GPU, DSP, FPGA.
How to Brute Force a Bitcoin Wallet with Hashcat
Brute-force your Bitcoin wallet - part 2 - btcrecover on Multibit classic - Password found
Dictionary collection https://weakpass.com/wordlist
Crack Bitcoin Password by Thegrideon Software https://thegrideon.com/bitcoin-password-recovery.html

Sales rules:

Beware of scam offers:
  • 10.000 BTC wallet (it can be the watch-only address)
  • HEX edited wallet without private key, like
    "Private key for address 1LfV1tSt3KNyHpFJnAzrqsLFdeD2EvU1MK is not known (code -4)"
  • bundle of 20, 25 or 28 wallets for $10 (usually archive locked with a password but you will never get it)
  • popular wallet.dat files but with empty balance.
How to prevent it:
  • Ask for remote desktop viewer (e.g. TeamViewer)
  • Read feedbacks and check seller background
  • Use escrow service

Success stories

15qPWRa9PDoF5pDD15oH3UAqJJWEsA5X7p - Coins accumulated in 2013. Wallet cracked at 2020-04-05. Withdrawn 41.19 BTC.

1PFChALVJt32pwgSC9qKa6Fiw1YkkZNH9u - Coins mined on ghash.io in 2014. Wallet cracked at 2020-03-24. Withdrawn 4.34117443 BTC.

1NFv3Ls7k9Dr8kwciHmNzfGQjdwud8Lrfu - Last incoming transactions in 2017. Wallet cracked at 2020-03-20. Withdrawn 25.75+ BTC.

19w2MURRz5LsjNHCckmp65YX4WCc7kJdJF - Only one incoming transaction in 2011-05-16. Cracked at 2019-09-19. Withdrawn 126.8899 BTC.

19w2MURRz5LsjNHCckmp65YX4WCc7kJdJF - Coins from 2011-05-10. Cracked at 2019-09-11. Withdrawn 202.0199 BTC. I don't know why altcoins still there.

Add your success story here!

If you have wallet.dat files with balance and want to change it to another one, let's exchange it for free.
Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions [email protected] (Boyarov Maksim).

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