Brain wallet cracker

Bitcoin brainwallet generator randomly pick words (i.e. 4,6,8.. or 10 words long) which is called a passphrase, hash it to get keys and show Bitcoin addresses. This passphrase, depending upon the generator dictionary you are using. We use Unix dictionary and popular passwords.

Number of words used in a Brainwallet passphrase:
Brain Wallet passphrase: captivatingly
all private keys 5JD5kU9sMYD12N7z6N4Vspd6orBFqpo3UAXCxaj93KpX1u99SLC
Brain Wallet passphrase: fluorimeters
all private keys 5Jtwinhs62gKVk1Hycia7iJyngxDzQD5G7sb6SVYHVX1t3kBgPb
Brain Wallet passphrase: bitblt
all private keys 5Ht2C6wqxJYH2XajGCWe6VVbZJmwAhrvQFTmvcE3pU1KmvyoYpr
Brain Wallet passphrase: oldsquaws
all private keys 5Hz14mfdepPWhnsbdj1PrZrLfMvuE3PPNEavmKVgrrG9oLyL548
Brain Wallet passphrase: inselbergs
all private keys 5JinByPVdVi5F3WZRZpVjz5vZZbhMfzhA4oUcTvJqhGj9TH2vKi
Brain Wallet passphrase: monbuttu
all private keys 5KUyTDyA3x3p4AvoqHT2i2ePZiryUckkZ2MdMQ4CruhWQLtLuzn

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