Why do we use BitMix platform?


bitmix.biz Bitcoin mixer

The most famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin in January 2019 has already turned 10 years old. Nowadays, BTC is still popular, and the amount of miners producing it is still growing, despite the growing complexity of mining and price hikes. But there is one point that not all Bitcoin owners and miners are happy with the capacity to trace this theoretically anonymous coin using the blockchain. In order to track BTC it became impossible, special services are used such as bitcoin mixers. The best option for such sites to anonymize cryptocurrency is BitMix.Biz

BitMix Bitcoin Mixer

Bitcoin Mixer is a service created for anonymization helps users to prevent the tracking of their transactions in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency network.

Over the progression of quite a lot of years, Bitcoin mixers are used extensively and ubiquitously to cover up traces (for instance, to hide operations). However, a fight had been planned against them. Nevertheless, many people decide to use BitMix to cover up their personal data and do not let hackers to follow their cryptocurrency leads and wallets in order to steal their money. They are often used by those who want to protect themselves or hide the fact of ownership as it is becoming illegal in some countries.

The main reason to use bitcoin mixer is anonymity and privacy for every person as it is supposed to be.

Of course, BitMix platform charges a fee for their services. A size depends on both the amount sent and the number of mixes made (the more are made-the more reliable they become). Perfectly, not a single particle of the resultant coin amount is related with the original sender.

Bitcoin mixer. How does it work?

There are 2 types of Bitcoin mixers:

  • Centralized resources. Those contain the first generation of mixers, however, nowadays they are fairly out of use, though some services are left. Using centralized platforms the client sends Bitcoins, pays a charge, and the same amount of coins arrive at the specified address. As more users and coins exist in the system, the higher would be the level of anonymity. The decrease in the reputation of such resources is mostly due to the fact when accessing the logs by any user, anonymity is greatly reduced.
  • Peer-to-peer platforms. Those let user to exchange Bitcoins without intermediaries, directly communicating other users. The probability of fraud is exceptionally low. A number of protocols exist which allow several clients to join together and create one common transaction, which is carried out in stages, as the necessary number of participants is recruited. None of the users stores the addresses of the recipients or senders, this is what the mixing server does. The complication of the operation is done by increasing the number of mixes in a row.

A minimal amount for transaction on bitmix.biz is 0,005 BTC or any amount for LTC transactions. Cryptocurrency mixer is fully automatized and makes it as an advantage its maximal anonymity working with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum (in the near future).

BitMix main advantages are:

  • instant cleaning of site visit information
  • does not store logs of operations or visits
  • there is a mixing quality indicator
  • customizable low fees
  • to increase confidentiality, you can set a delay in execution
  • payments are protected by a letter of guarantee.

There is also an API for projects wishing to increase the anonymity of payment transactions.

To mix and receive “clean” crypto coins, go to the “Mixer” tab and indicate the Bitcoin address to receive. Then, set the parameters: service delay and commission. The strength of mixing depends on them: high or medium. If you have already used the mixer, then you should specify a unique code received after the exchange. This will eliminate the likelihood of receiving their own Bitcoins sent earlier. The randomization parameter determines the number of transactions with which the cleared cryptocurrency is transferred. “Do not randomize” - one transaction; “Randomize” - 2 or more, which makes tracking on the blockchain very difficult, but the minimum amount is higher - from 0.1 BTC and 1 LTC. Next, click "Start Mixing" and transfer the coins to the specified address, and be sure to save the guarantee letter. A button confirms the fact of the beginning of the operation.

Ho does it work?


The mixing speed depends on the selected cryptocurrency and on the total transaction amount. After leaving the application, the coin is sent to the pool and waits for confirmation from the miners, and then moves to different wallets. How many wallets, so many transactions - therefore, you need to count on a minimum of 5-6 Bitcoin transfers in time. To keep track of links between addresses even less, pending transaction technology is used.
BitMix mixer in order to maintain confidentiality does not store information for a long time - a maximum of 72 hours. The address that is generated in the mixer itself is valid only for a day and is suitable exclusively for transfers within the service. As a rule, it is forbidden to accept other funds at the same address.

Of course, the service does not require confirmation of identity and does not carry out any types of KYC procedures. During the operation, the service provides various important information: a letter of guarantee, a code to confirm the ownership of money, the address of the cryptocurrency wallet - it is important not to accidentally close the tabs with this information, since it will subsequently be useful for the return of transferred funds.
Be careful, on the open spaces of the network there is one urgent problem - in a huge number of scam projects on the open spaces of the network. At the same time, fraudsters are not afraid of anything, because the person whom they are cheating is unlikely to go to the police or the court. Therefore, there is no regulation in this area; work is based only on trust.

BitMix has a multi-language support: English, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, German, Dutch and Polish. That is one of the advantages for users as it helps to mix Bitcoins and Litecoins all over the world and increases efficiency and anonymity.

What say reviews about BitMix?

There are many reviews and in the majority they are positive. They can be found not only on the BitMix.Biz website itself, but also on third-party resources. There are many comments on it and in general everyone is happy.
The support service works with the help of feedback and responds promptly in case of problems. At the same time, he answers not only on the resource itself, but also on third-party forums, which indicates users' concern.
The service is functional and seeks to expand, which indicates it’s not fake popularity. After all, development without attracted users would be pointless. It is also worth noting that the system works cleanly.

BitMix.Biz is considered to be one of the most reliable and convenient mixing services, with a reputation confirmed by reviews. With its help, you can forget about such a lack of bitcoin as the lack of complete anonymity and be sure that the true origin of the coins will be hidden from outsiders.