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Bitcoin address 36f9dsGq4sw1xy44ZAuMQ1AAiAyHZxBagF mentiones:

Someone mined my BCH from my segwit bitcoin address : btc
Hello, someone mined my 2.02 bch ( which was all my savings) from my Bitcoin segwit address on BitBay exchange site. I did a mistake and I...

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Bitcoin address 36f9dsGq4sw1xy44ZAuMQ1AAiAyHZxBagF mentioned on forum(s):

2016-06-01 23:16:12 - What the hell kind of address is this??
Author: BTCevo

2016-06-01 23:16:12 - Whats up with this address?
Author: nmek19

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Some Blockchain Explorers still not support SegWit protocol and can't show Bitcoin addresses started from bc1.