Hacked Brainwallet with Balance

We used Unix dictionary with 335429 words and 12645 frequently used passwords, one time hashed into SHA256(passphrase) to get private keys. Also, we parsed Bitcointalk forum for popular passphrases.
Total successfully found 18970 Bitcoin addresses with balances.

Brain Wallet passphrase: Bitcoin
key.svg 5KBZytdkzttdedEB7xLom6YnHRCVTNQPUrJiTDJKS7VJUbiX6Di
Brain Wallet passphrase: Password1
key.svg 5J1SHCEsvrVdFs8h6orxtSXEk86h8GPG4giPWWd3vBQVhxTds9s
Brain Wallet passphrase: frog
key.svg 5Jhod6jTX9P5oZ3ikNhVv2EhUwJt9KsBFPtJQjpgqvbRgV1vYAP
Brain Wallet passphrase: free
key.svg 5K8jaswwWxRt8X2VQZbJSeHpS8oAyw1X3dwF5QK3dFJTV8BtVos
Brain Wallet passphrase: Money
key.svg 5JX9yHbyUfGeTrkX7LGzmsRSNsMH1dBmWKU7GXMtLH1N4qy8vwM
Brain Wallet passphrase: cookie
key.svg 5KTNe8y5FDHstv5ZYmCRDuyYfZjXC4xmo2J4SeUmfSQSNAYyWdZ
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